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This thing can Unite India | Biryani

Bringing joy on Peoples’ face is a tough thing to do. Well, there is this one “thing”, that has been doing this tedious task of bringing joy for many generations with subtle grace. It is said that, this “thing” has crossed many man-made boundaries, travelled thousands of kilometers from a far off-land to bring the joy onto the face of the people of India. Though there are many folklores about this “thing” across many parts of India and the world even today, we humbly could decide to avoid such discussions and focus on the kind act it has been doing for ages now, bringing Joy to each and everyone who has had a chance to experience this “thing”.

Yes, I am talking about the most debated National food of India, the Biryani.

How can Biryani be the National food of India where majority of the population of this country are vegetarians? Well that is the beauty about Biryanis, it does not divide people rather unite them. Though found in different parts of India from north – south and east – west in different forms like Lucknowi Biryani (Uttar Pradesh), Hyderabadi (Telngana), Kozhikode (Kerala), Kolkata (Bengal), Ambur (Tamil Nadu), Memoni (Gujarat), Biryani is the only thing that is even close to uniting the entire nation despite differences in states, caste and religion.

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Since Biryanis can be made with fresh Vegetables as well as meat, A biryani can be served to a brahmin (veg Biryani) as well as meat loving muslim, and yet without any compromise in the taste and joy it brings to both.  

India is known as the Land of spices, and Biryani is the only dish that completely capitalizes on this cliche.

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A dish that can bring all the essential nutrients in one serving, a dish that is made of the rice, a common man’s source of nutrition, a dish with so much delicacies yet only requiring a single container to make, it is high time we declare Biryani as a National food of India.

A good Biryani is an outcome of a good cook, right?

Well, this may be partly right, But, A good Biryani depends largely on the ingredients that is being used in it.

Ingredients and Major producer

Rice         (West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh)

Ghee        (Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra)

Spices like – Pepper, Cardamom, mace, cloves, bay leaves, coriander, mint, ginger

(Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra,  Rajasthan, Assam, Bihar, Karnataka, Sikkim, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Orissa)

Onion       (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat)

Tomato     (Andhra, Karnataka)

Garlic        ( Haryana, Gujarat, Orissa)

Note: All ingredients put together covers every state in India.

The fun fact is, true joy happens only when each and everyone comes together to make an effort to create something and once created, is able to share it with Joy.

A single plate of biryani, needs an effort of an Indian from each and every state of this beautiful Nation.

Make a biryani at home today to unite India.  

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