What are Islam’s Contribution to the world of Art & Culture? 

Perception of People changes over time, but the basic Values Remains.

The negative modern day narrative on Islam is falsely implied by a segment of population with vested interest. In this answer I am gonna prove how Islam is such a beautiful religion with its various contributions to this world.

  • Islam Loves its Music

    • Islam gifted the beautiful Sufi Music to this world. A soothing and transcending genre of music brings love, peace and harmony to the listeners SOUL. There have been many great musicians even outside Sufi music in this world, whose contribution are incomparable. The greats like CAT STEVENS, AR RAHMAN, AKON and the list goes on read more here Greatest Musicians of Islam
My Islamic Lifestyle Sufi Music

My Islamic Lifestyle Sufi Music

  • Islam Loves its Food :

    • Just this One word is enough to explain Islam’s contribution in satisfying many hungry stomach and drooling taste buds of Non-vegetarians across this world, BIRYANI. Ramadan Biryani is something we always eagerly look forward from our Muslim friends. Kebabs, Baida Roti, Kheema, etc. The list is never ending. Read more about the various types and History of Biryani Here
My Islamic lifestyle ISlam Contribution to world Biryani

My Islamic lifestyle ISlam Contribution to world Biryani

  • Islam supports its Sport (Men & Women):

    • How many Cricketers, Foot ballers, basketball Legends who have stolen our hearts belong to the Islamic Community? the list is countless, I would Say. Irrespective of Men and Women there have been many global sensations. Just to name a few Khabib Nurmagomedov, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Ali, Zinedine Zidane, Check out this blog on more Islamic contributions to the world of Sports here
My Islamic Lifestyle Islam Contribution to sports

My Islamic Lifestyle Islam Contribution to sports

  • Islam is a Religion of Discipline 

    •  The most obvious explanation is the 5 pillars of Islam. The 4 / 5 Pillars of Islam emphasizes a lot of discipline, Self-respect, Love for Humanity and touches upon most invaluable human emotions. A commitment to your self to pray 5 times a day, keeping your mind and soul pure, support and cherish the fellow human beings are some beautiful virtues of Islam. THough these virtues are practiced even in other religions, Islam has made this the Mandatory practices. Read more on the 5 pillars of Islam
  • Islam loves its Art 

    •  Islamic Art form is appreciated and recognized by the cultural community across the world, the likes of Taj Mahal, Ottoman calligraphic, Persian Carpets, Mughal Miniature and the List continues. Read more on Islamic Rugs here
Dervish Sufi Calligraphy | My islamic lifestyle

Dervish Sufi Calligraphy | My islamic lifestyle

Islam is a religion of Love, not Hatred.

Author : Hafsiya Aslam

Founder www.MyIslamicLifestyle.oom 




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