Janamaz – The Islamic Prayer Rug

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Janamaz is a small rug used by Muslims while offering their prayers (Salah) to the Almighty Allah. Though believers are not entitled to use the Janamaz  (Prayer Rug) in a musalla (prayer area) always when they offer their prayers, yet, it is greatly followed to keep oneself clean while offering their devotion to the almighty. The Islamic faith believes the path towards God should be pure and hence they make sure to use the Janamaz while praying. Even the Janamaz itself is considered Holy and hence handled with a great deal of respect. A Janamaz is maintained clean and always kept near the place of worship.

Islamic prayer rugs (Janamaz) has been used by various countries over History, Normally weaved in a rectangular shape, Janamaz for Masjid used in the musalla should be always pointing towards the direction of Holy Kaaba. The niche, symbolising the mihrab of a mosque, at the top of the mat must be always pointing towards Mecca.  With advancement in modern day technologies there have been many janamaz that automatically directs you the position of Mecca with lights fitted on the Janamaz. This makes it easy for people to worship during travel.

The early usage of Janamaz dates back to as early as the 18th and the 19th century during the Ottoman era in the Sarajevo mosques. Though most of it  had been destroyed due to a fire, it is  still being exhibited. The world’s largest prayer rug belongs to the The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This prayer rug measures 60,570 sq ft, and was made by around 1,200 carpet knitters. it weighs 35 tonnes and is mostly made from wool. With close to 2,268,000,000 gnarls in it, the mat took two years to complete. Just to put this in perspective, this prayer rug is only marginally smaller than the Old Trafford football stadium of the most popular Manchester United.

Al-Masjid an-Nawabi Islamic Red Prayer Rug

Al-Masjid an-Nawabi Islamic Red Prayer Rug

These days Janamaz is considered as amongst the most popular islamic gifts during the Eid for your loved ones. Janamaz can be found in many colours, mostly, green, red and blue. It also carries significant design on them making it unique and a good Home Decor. Religiously, Janamaz is used as a prayer mat and wall hanging at home for prolonged blessings to the loved ones staying and visiting your home.   



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